The Edgard model

Edgard is revolutionizing the way people access regional air services and provides executives and staff of member companies and organizations greater travel flexibility by giving them access to unoccupied seats on chartered flights.

How Edgard stands out

Agile and flexible, Edgard has joined forces with a resilient regional air transport community, made up of carriers with experience in chartering aircraft for various clienteles across a very large territory. With the expertise of this community, Edgard innovates and distinguishes itself by being the first company in Quebec to group and market the seats available on charter flights operated by regional air carriers in the province. This expertise makes it possible to increase and diversify the air transportation offer in all regions of Quebec and Ontario.

Edgard establishes this new type of service for air transportation with a vision of sharing, sustainable mobility, operational efficiency, reduction of the environmental footprint, support for the development of the airline industry and the economic growth of the Quebec regions.

About us

Edgard (10284068 Canada Inc.) is a young innovative company that was founded as of June 16, 2017, stemming from the Propair air transport company group whose head office is located at 30 Pronovost Street in Rouyn-Noranda.



Our mission


Making charter air transportation accessible to more travelers in a safe and reliable manner.



Our vision


Being the national reference for the distribution and optimization of space utilization on charter flights, serving air carriers and its members.

Our objectives

With its state-of-the-art platform, based on industry best practices, Edgard is determined to become and remain the leader in charter seat sales services.

Through the use of cutting-edge digital technology, the company offers a unique solution to improve and increase the availability of air transportation services in all regions of Quebec. Edgard allows Quebec businesses and organizations to become members, reserve and share the cost to provide access to unoccupied seats on charter flights operated by partner airlines.

Edgard is bringing to the market an innovative solution to increase the supply of affordable air transportation services in Quebec. In partnership with several airlines, Edgard, as a Tour Operator, centralizes on its platform and offers companies the option to share the cost of charter flights for the travel of their employees.  Essentially, Edgard offers an inventory of unoccupied seats available on charter flights operated by partner carriers to a wide range of destinations.

Only Edgard members can use the service and allow the sharing of a chartered flight.

Edgard is an aggregator of airline services, as well as a distributor and seller of seats available on co-chartered flights. In accordance with Quebec regulations, Edgard holds a Tour Operator permit issued by the Quebec Consumer Protection Office (OPC).

Scheduled flights (commercial flights) serve a limited number of destinations, especially when one considers the wide variety of routes and segments that are served by regional carrier charters. Edgard is therefore a high value-added addition to increase not only the number of seats available by air, but also the number of destinations and stopovers in places underserved by large and medium carriers. This complementarity also means that all regional carriers in Quebec are invited to partner with Edgard to offer unoccupied seats on their charter flights, whether they are one-time flights or regular routes.

The Edgard approach

Edgard‘s approach is cross-cutting and inclusive. It is not associated with any particular air carrier. By working with regional airline partners to facilitate and diversify air travel, Edgard is part of Quebec’s transportation ecosystem and is able to contribute to the socio-economic development of Abitibi-Témiscamingue and the vast majority of other regions in the province or across Canada.

Edgard provides a unique solution for :


significantly expand the offer of air transportation for executives and staff of all companies and organizations in all regions of Quebec that have a subscription with Edgard


directly enhance the role that small and medium-sized air carriers can play in supporting the socio-economic development of regions


facilitate sustainable mobility in all regions for all commercial, industrial, institutional, professional and other relevant sectors

Our online platform

Edgard is a digital company and the information is available to you at all times.

The platform allows you to view real-time availability of flights scheduled by carriers with the number of seats offered.

Edgard is not a competitive model. On the contrary, it aims to create a community of air carriers and charter partners who offer to sell unoccupied seats on their charter flights via Edgard, thus contributing directly to increasing the supply of air transportation in all regions of Quebec, to the benefit of businesses as well as economic and institutional stakeholders.


Scheduled and even one-time charter flight routes will be enhanced through higher occupancy rates.

By increasing the mobility of people within and between regions, Edgard and its partners promote the economic development of communities.

By helping to increase charter occupancy, the industry and its members improve their environmental footprints, including reducing the number of empty (or low-occupancy) flights and carrying more passengers per flight with essentially the same fuel consumption, resulting in a better GHG/passenger ratio.

The Edgard team is also working on the coordination required for a new charter request. Charter flights, a complementary solution for all types of business travel, require a solid knowledge of the various economic sectors in order to properly identify the needs and exceed the expectations of customers looking for outstanding service.

Become a member

With its interactive and transactional platform, Edgard acts as an intermediary allowing the regrouping of its members and the diffusion of the charter flights inventory available for co-chartering.

The Edgard model is one of grouping employers and organizations with regional air transportation needs for their employees or contractors.

Only companies or organizations can become members and take advantage of the co-chartering option to transport their employees. 

Vacant seats on the Edgard platform are made available by carriers that have received authorization from their customer to proceed with the co-chartering.

The requirements for charter flights are specific to each carrier. They are always specified on the platform before the transaction stage.

Edgard has received authorization from participating carriers to process payment transactions and is responsible for forwarding the revenue to the carriers.

The annual cost is determined by 3 different subscription levels

345.99$ up to 50 employees

595.99$ from 51 to 249 employees

995.99$ over 250 employees

Access to co-chartered seats is available at all times to members, their employees or contractors.

Become a member

Our partners

It is with our partners that it is possible to consolidate and market available seats on charter segments operated by regional air carriers

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We offer a solution to optimize your time and reduce operating costs. We provide flights for companies to make the most of their working hours. Work freely with the flexibility of air charter, without the stress.

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