How to travel with EDGARD

To book a shared flight, simply become a member of the Edgard program. This program is designed for companies and organizations.  It gives you access to private flights to several destinations, with no detours and no delays.

Benefits of choosing EDGARD

Edgard offers access to vacant seats on private flights for you and your employees.

We offer a solution to optimize your time and reduce operating costs.
We provide flights for companies to make the most of their working hours.
Work freely with the flexibility of air charter, without the stress.

Safety & comfort

Secure devices. Discretion and speed thanks to private terminals. Catering services available on some of our planes. Direct flights to and from more convenient locations for your travels.

Access to new markets and territories

Access new markets (regions, territories) through the Edgard platform by moving your resources directly on site.

Low environmental impact

Edgard allows you to avoid having to charter an entire flight for your mobility needs by offering you direct access to vacant seats on existing flights, thereby limiting your carbon footprint.

The conditions

By using the website (the “EDGARD Platform“) and transactional pages (in the latter case, available to Members only), you agree to abide by our Terms of Use, the Terms of Sale and our Privacy Policy, which are subject to change without notice.