If you are looking to enjoy a convenient flight with all the comfort of a private flight at a fair price, it is possible! 

The individual seat charter market has become a very attractive option for many travelers. It is also an opportunity to meet the demands of the regional population and business people.  The regions are significantly affected by the offer of scheduled air services, which results in important inconveniences: fewer flights available, high ticket costs, few destinations available outside of the major hubs. It is essential today to ensure the transportation of business people to different regions not covered by the big airlines.

Influenced by the success of carpooling, thanks to the proposal of the pleteform Edgard, companies are emerging in the air space with an innovative business model that addresses all companies and organizations: connecting passengers with vacant seats on private flights, already chartered. In practice, private flight sharing allows passengers to reserve an individual seat on a plane that already has a predetermined itinerary.

The single-seat flight offers maximum comfort and faster airport check-in through smaller, more convenient terminals. You can now reach airports that are not accessible to regular flights and get as close as possible to your final destination. No more waiting in line for baggage checking or security. In short, you will avoid this real airport marathon and considerably reduce the length of your overall trip.

Organize your business trips efficiently

One of the great benefits of a single-seat flight booking is the ability to organize a trip very quickly. With established flight itineraries, you don’t have to deal with the administrative and organizational hassles of chartering an entire flight. You have only one action to take, to become a member of the program to allow you to co-charter.

Even if you are traveling with people you don’t know, privacy will always be respected. For business people, this is crucial. Edgard’s partner carriers are always committed to providing the highest level of confidentiality.

It’s also important to remember that joining already chartered flights will have the benefit of reducing the carbon footprint. A private flight will have a lower environmental impact, especially if the number of passengers is maximized.

Make the most of your business trips

Booking a single seat is especially cost-effective. As a business traveler, you can fly on a private plane at a lower cost than chartering a full aircraft. 

In short, booking a single seat on a private flight helps you save time and money when traveling.

Edgard goes one step further by bringing air travel into the sharing economy and into a community of members. Its primary role is to allow members to co-charter and reserve unoccupied seats on flights already scheduled by customers of different airlines. By becoming an Edgard member, you will find your flight quickly, at a fair price, to meet your business travel needs.

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