What is Edgard?

Simply put, it’s a service that gives you and your employees access to vacant seats on private flights. The platform offers a solution to optimize your time and reduce operating costs. Edgard provides flights for member companies to co-charter and make the most of their working hours. Work freely with the flexibility of charter flights, with a lower cost.

An innovative and efficient platform

The platform allows companies and organizations to become members, in order to participate in chartering with other members, to book, to share costs and to allow their executives and employees to access unoccupied seats on chartered flights operated by the platform’s partner airlines and their clients.
The service includes an inventory of unoccupied seats available on charters operated by partner carriers’ customers to a wide range of destinations. As mentioned above, it allows its members to access vacant and available seats on private flights for their resources, business or personal needs.
The Edgard platform is convenient in that it provides access to a competitive fare otherwise unavailable to some destinations. In fact, there are 99% fewer people at the gate, saving you time and stress on every trip.

How to be part of it?

Want to be part of this community? All you have to do is join and become a member of the Edgard program. This program will give you access to all direct flights offered by the platform to several destinations in Quebec and Ontario, without detours or delays!
The Edgard service allows you to avoid chartering a flight for your mobility needs by offering you direct access to seats on existing flights, thus limiting your carbon footprint. It’s a cross-functional and inclusive approach. The model also invites you to charter a flight and make available available seats to other members, thereby reducing your costs.

The advantages of the service

Edgard is part of the transportation ecosystem in Quebec and Ontario. Edgard contributes to the socio-economic development of Abitibi-Témiscamingue and most other regions of the province of Quebec and Ontario. Edgard will significantly expands the offer of air transportation for the executives and staff of all companies and organizations in all regions of Quebec and Ontario that have a subscription with Edgard.
The company directly increases the role that small and medium-sized air carriers can play in contributing to the socio-economic development of the regions.
As a result, Edgard promotes sustainable mobility in all regions of Quebec and Ontario for all commercial, industrial, institutional, professional and similar sectors.  Scheduled and even one-time charter air links will therefore be enhanced, thanks to a higher occupancy rate.