What if we told you that you don’t have to charter an entire plane anymore? Yes, with single seat charter on a private flight, your business travel will take a new turn. The single seat charter market is somewhere between flying business class on a commercial aircraft and chartering a full flight.

Today, it is entirely possible to book a seat on a private aircraft that flies a specific route already established by another carrier. These flights may be available through the Edgard Model Membership Program.

The beauty of these flights is the price and time savings they offer. Since you share the cost of the flight by co-chartering, it is a fraction of the cost of chartering a full aircraft. If you’re considering this option, here’s everything you need to know before booking a single seat on a private flight!

Who is the operator of the private plane?

It is certainly rare that a “questionable” carrier is in business. However, be responsible and do not compromise your safety with uncertified operators.

Get all the information on the carrier.

In the Edgard community, empty seats are made available by carriers that have received permission from their customers to co-charter. Be assured that you can get all the information about the carrier, such as their certification, years of experience in chartering aircraft, etc. By email, chat or phone, you can contact Edgard to answer any questions you may have about the carrier.

Is your seat guaranteed once you reserve it?

Of course it is. As a co-charterer, you will follow the policies and regulations assigned to that flight.  At any time with Edgard, you can contact us for more details.

Who will you be flying with?

Unlike a full aircraft charter, by co-chartering and reserving a seat, you will be traveling with other business people. But, don’t forget that you are traveling with professionals. They too are looking to travel in peace and enjoy the flight to relax or work comfortably.

How do I access the offers?

Flights can be made available through the Edgard membership program. For members, access to a single seat almost creates a new vertical within the charter market. It likely targets a category of passengers who traditionally would not have access to private flight due to its price.

The co-chartering model.

Edgard is an aggregator of airline services. The organization operates an online platform dedicated to the purchase of vacant seats on charter flights operated by partner airlines. The company acts as a distributor and seller of vacant seats on charter flights under the co-charter model. Edgard offers executives and staff of member companies and organizations greater travel flexibility.